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Brandon Raymond Trujillo, better known by his stage name Brandon Kai, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Tampa,Florida. The artist released his first full-length EP in 2018 - at age 18 - spending much of that year perfecting his craft and putting the finishing touches on his project "In the Making" , a series of songs highlighting his journey from bedroom creations to full-length projects that would come to form his foundational opus.

Now 21, Brandon’s sound has evolved in the years since his debut project, to include a mixture of danceable tracks, deep cuts, and collaborations that make his online following of loyalists even more connected. Brandon released "F*ck a Day Off" in 2019, a song and video that secured a spot on Vevo's "Artists to Watch" playlist, landing him on the radar as a talented emerging artist and providing ample opportunity to leverage his rising status. He signed deals with Audiio, a sync music publisher, and Symphonic Distribution in the same year.

Like many artists, Brandon spent most of 2020 refining his sound while leaning into the creative process and dealing with personal growth that occurred as a result of time away from the spotlight.

"I went through a lot of maturation and personal growth," Brandon says. "I stepped away to really take time with myself."

Brandon believes this break, which he calls his "creative hiatus," helped him grow as an artist in ways that would not happen otherwise. The experience, lessons, and artistic growth are on full display in the music he is creating now.

Brandon Kai will be releasing a single soon and it will be his first release from the new body of work with hopes of touring to support it as things open back up.

"On Me," is a song that Brandon says captures the sound he's been developing over his hiatus. "it has this energy and drive to really get you moving."

The new project, out later this year, will include some of the more upbeat songs he was able to write from his time away but also includes music that reflects on heartbreak, growth, and love. It features contributions from his long-time collaborators Tomas Restrepo and Jorge Torres aka Kneo.