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Brandon Raymond Trujillo, better known by his stage name Brandon Kai, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer from Tampa, Florida. The artist released his first full-length EP in 2018. Spending much of that year perfecting his craft and putting the finishing touches on his project "In the Making", a series of songs highlighting his journey that would come to form his foundational opus.

Now 23, Brandon’s sound has evolved in the years since his debut project, to include a mixture of danceable tracks, deep cuts, and collaborations. Brandon released "F*ck a Day Off" in 2019, a song and video that secured a spot on Vevo's "Artists to Watch" playlist, landing him on the radar as a talented emerging artist. He signed deals with Audiio, a sync music publisher, and Symphonic Distribution in the same year.

Brandon Kai - On My Life (Official Music Video) @shotbygg3669
Brandon Kai

Brandon Kai - On My Life (Official Music Video) @shotbygg3669




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